One of the most amazing things I have experienced the past few days is the deluge of support that our family and friends have offered and given. I know that Jamie’s sudden passing took us all by surprise. I am also touched by how many people’s lives that Jamie had touched. I have put up this web site –

www.JamieMcCloudPerez.com – as a way to celebrate her life. This web site will serve as a perpetual memorial. As Mercedes grows older, she will see how wonderful her mother was. Hopefully, these memories will inspire Mercedes to be as determined, persevering, and, of course, caring as her mother was. If you are so inclined, at any time now or in the future, please free to post any photos or memories that you may wish to share with Jamie’s family and friends.

Jamie had been diagnosed with Wegener's Granulomatosis, a form of vasculitis, an autoimmune disease, in January 2007. Although this disease could not be “cured,” we were hoping that it would go into remission. Jamie had been in admitted to the hospital several times this year. At the beginning of November, she experienced difficulty breathing. We did not think too much of this problem because this disease affected her breathing. When her doctors told her that she would have to be admitted to the hospital once again, we did not think too much of this request either. In the past, Jamie’s visits to the hospital would last 3 to 4 days.After a week in the hospital, Jamie was still having difficulty breathing. Jamie was disappointed that she would have to spend Thanksgiving Day in the hospital rather than with family. Still, we were optimistic that doctors would release her in the next couple of days. Unfortunately, she became

septic. The doctors tried everything they could. However, the sepsis, the pneumonia that she was originally admitted for, and her compromised immune system due to the Wegener’s were too much for her body to handle. In true Jamie form, she gave it her all up until the end. Jamie died at mid-day on November 29th.

What saddens me most is that our 2 ½ year old daughter, Mercedes, is too young to understand the past week’s events. I know, though, with everyone’s support, she will be just fine. Plus, with Jamie watching out for Mercedes, our little girl will grow up to be a woman of character that will make her mother proud.

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